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Guangdong Jiecheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of plastic products. For many years, it has continuously attached importance to improving the quality and technology of its products to meet the requirements of customers and the market. With the recognition of more customers, the company has developed into a very standardized plastic enterprise in Dongguan. Our factory has a production space of over 20000 square meters and over 500 employees. With advanced equipment, dedicated service attitude, high-quality materials, and outstanding talents, we provide diversified services to customers.

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Jiecheng Plastic

High-quality product manufacturingODM and OEM manufacturing services

4 core advantagesOne-stop custom plastic product manufacturer

Enterprise strength 20000 square production workshop

20,000 square meters production plant, source manufacturer, to meet mass production;

17 injection molding machines, 4 injection pullers (48 positions), 2 automatic rolling machines

R & D design10 people R & D design team

R&D and design team, providing many-to-one custom design services;

Greatly shorten the development time of new products and save your time and cost;

Quality control 30+ product test report

Complete quality inspection equipment, all-round quality inspection;

Passed various tests and passed the ISO9001 quality management system.

Service support 30 minutes quick quote

From design and production to after-sales service every link;

Provide 30-minute quick quotation, timely response, more intimate service.

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Jiecheng Plastics' new cartoon toy

Jiecheng Plastics' new cartoon toy was successfully launched

Jiecheng Plastics' new cartoon toy was successfully launched

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What certifications do you have?

Passed the ISO9001: 2015 , DICOS, DISNEY certificate and SEDEX and other social responsibility certifications.......

Can Jiecheng Plastics customize products?

We can customize products according to customer needs and have a professional design team......

Jiecheng Plastics can OEM production of cartoon toys?

Yes, the company has R&D center, mold manufacturing center, injection molding workshop, pad printing workshop.

Can Jiecheng toys be sold in wholesale?

Yes, it can also be customized with drawings and samples for customers.

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  • Address: No.1, Songyuan Road 5, Xiangxi Village, Shipai Town, Dongguan City , Guangdong China.


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